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Send date: 2005-05-22 17:11:05 51
Name: magnus Sweden
E-Mail: chevymagnus@hotmail.com
PhoneNumber: 0141-71357
Hometown: motala
Description: Önskar köpa till cheva 39 kupe.
Bakskärmar , baklucka även annat kan vara av intresse ring och berätta.

Send date: 2005-03-29 21:36:05 52
Name: jonas
E-Mail: jonassoderholm@glocalnet.net
PhoneNumber: 0706289871
Hometown: Vetlanda
Description: Önskar köpa rod i bra bruksskick.-30 -40talare helst med baksäte.

Send date: 2005-03-28 18:47:20 53
Name: Wernu Switzerland
E-Mail: wgerber@onyx-energie.ch
Description: I''m looking for a AV8 full fendered coupé or pick up, only steal body of corse - near to original would be great. Condition: mainly black work is done!
It's going to take about 7 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture.  It's going to take about 6 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture.  

Send date: 2005-03-11 22:54:34 54
Name: Anders Sweden
PhoneNumber: 070/216 53 88
Description: Köpes:
-Hastighetsmätare till Ford -37 till -44
-Till Ford Junior -34
Vindrutsram/ kylarmaskering
Fräsch kylare till Fords sidåtta på 65hk
-Kylarmaskering Ford -34
-Klocka och hastighetsmätare till Ford Customline -53
-Hurst 3 vxl. växelspak
Bor på landet och har tvivelaktig mottagning så om du inte kommer fram så lämna medelande så ringer jag upp.

Send date: 2005-03-11 22:44:42 55
Name: Marcus Sweden
E-Mail: vancata@hotmail.com
PhoneNumber: 0730-63 22 26
Hometown: Luleå
Description: Dodge/Plymouth- Fargo pickup papper köpes. Årsmodell 1949 eller 1950. Även tips på gammalt regnr. på skrotad pickup är av intresse.

Send date: 2005-02-01 20:56:24 56
Name: jonas Sweden
E-Mail: jdodge1928@hotmail.com
PhoneNumber: 073-8079210
Hometown: Sigtuna
Description: Söker Skärmar, Ram & Grill till Dodge Victory 6, 1928 4Dr.. Jag söker bara dessa saker 073-8079210

Send date: 2005-01-23 13:50:06 57
Name: pasi hämäläinen Finland
E-Mail: mini.pasi@kolumbus.fi
Description: Hello everybody.
I need one -29 Ford roadster body, made from fiberclass or steel. Would you send me some pictures and price details and you fone number and location. Then i can come and by it.

I have to get my car ready for next summer : )

Thank you already:
Pasi from Finland

Send date: 2004-12-18 12:14:59 58
Name: Jonas E
E-Mail: eagleway8@telia.com
PhoneNumber: 0142-51966 0709-529896
Hometown: Boxholm
Description: Whitewalls 14" däck köpes även chrome reverse m Ford mönster ring el mail Obs!! köpes!!

Send date: 2004-12-03 12:49:54 59
Name: Jimmie Sweden
E-Mail: lowlow@tiscali.se
PhoneNumber: 011-13 77 47
Homepage: http://medlem.spray.se/slamman/
Hometown: norrköping
Description: Chrome reverse fälgar och WWW diagonaldäck köpes. Ev lackade plåtisar 4 1/2" bultcirkel.. Kan ev tänka mig att byta bort mina 14" Cragar SS fälgar.

Send date: 2004-11-29 19:20:35 60
Name: Tom Germany
E-Mail: DerFrenz@aol.com
Description: Wanted : chopped sled.Main focus on ''49 Mercury and ''51 Ford.Also consider buying any well chopped car with good lines and proportions.41-51 Ford,49-51 Merc,49-43 Chevy,49-53 Olds and Buick etc.Looking for a running and solid car.More project than already finished.Please send offer to the address above.


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