EURO NATS/ Swedish Street Rod Nationals 1998
Created by Lars B
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Swedish Street Rod Nationals was held at the western park High Chaparral, that is situated in the "county" Smaland in the southern parts of sweden. This year the Nationals also was an European Nationals, so there was a lot of rodder friends from other parts of europe to. This was the second time for the Euro nats and i leave it to my euro rodders to judge it (success or not). This year I didn't have so far to go for the Nats but there was this other problem, we had to be back on sunday 10:00 a clock because my first grandson was to be christened. More about that later on.

  Here is all prices that where given out to all happy winners  It's going to take about 6 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture.  
  It's going to take about 5 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture. Appropriate hat for the event but it was really the jacket i liked most. This guys is still living in the fifties and call them self A-Bombers   
  After the dinner we had to head home. Warp speed 5 Scottie   It's going to take about 2 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture.  
  It's going to take about 4 sec @ 56Kbps to load this picture. This is Henrik taking a nap in a Roadster going down the road at 90 mph at 2 a clock in the night Sweet dreams? By the way it was raining most of the way home.   

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